Product detail


x-NEXT3: the new DX room air conditioner for Data Centers. The complete solution is made of x-NEXT3 perimeter unit, available with VSD or on/off compressor, and GR2 & DR2 outdoor heat rejection units, the remote condenser and dry-cooler respectively. The range covers a cooling capacity from 30 to 140 kW, with R410A refrigerant.

x-NEXT3 guarantees the highest quality standards, thanks to the adoption of specific Japanese design techniques.

Combining high performing proprietary components and innovative solutions, the product achieves best-in-class efficiency and very reduced footprint at the same time. x-NEXT3 represents the ideal solution for Enterprise DC, Colocation DC, battery rooms and UPS rooms.

Range composition

The x-NEXT3 range has 3 compact modules, available in 10 sizes with variable speed compressor (x-NEXT3-i) and 14 sizes with on/off compressor (x-NEXT3-f).

The new product family introduces new technologies developed by MEHITS that guarantee market-leading performance:

  • Proprietary inverter compressors for the variable speed range, also in hybrid tandem configuration (1+i)
  • On/off on/off compressors for the fixed speed range, also in tandem configuration
  • Innovative MCHX evaporator coil EC plug-fans, with proprietary designed impeller
  • COARSE 60% filters, easily accessible
  • EVOLUTION+ controller with Compact keyboard or, as options, Touch keyboard or Kiplink
  • GR2 and DR2 features MCHX or Cu/Al coils, and AC or EC fans, and are available in std or silenced version.


  • DX: Combination with remote condenser DX
  • DF: Dual coil system, combination with remote condenser + chiller


  • Best-in-class EER
  • Very compact footprint
  • New technologies: Proprietary fan + microchannel coil
  • Accessories: advanced HMI, low temperature kit, fast restart
  • Flexibility: 4 supply/return air configurations, 5 versions


  • The basic unit features a rich configuration: compressor acoustic insulation, fan section grilles, dirty filter sensor, LAN functions.
  • To meet even the more stringent datacenter requirements, the unit can be widely configured with additional options:
  • Low temperature kit (down to -40 °C)
  • Additional liquid receiver for long lines (up to 100m)
  • Fast restart (UPS included)
  • Plenums and dampers
  • Dual power supply
  • Advanced HMI (Touch screen display, KIPlink)


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