RLE Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable

RLE Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable

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RLE Conductive Fluid Sensing Cable
Patented Protection From Even The Smallest Leaks
RLE’s conductive fluid leak detection sensing cable (SC) reliably detects the presence of water leaks and other conductive fluids. It’s one of our hallmark products, and we’ve held the patent for this cable since 2000.
RLE’s conductive fluid sensing cable is:

o Durable – manufactured with an abrasion-resistant polymer core, increasing strength and durability. Definitely stands up to foot traffic!

o Flexible – easily bends around corners and wraps around pipes, resisting bends and kinks.

o Resists False Alarms – engineered to resist contamination and constructed from non-conductive polymers, eliminating false alarms!

o Quick to Install – each end of the cable contains mating connectors – this makes it easy to install new systems and to add lengths of cable to existing systems.

o Easy to Clean – when it’s visibly dirty, clean it quickly with Dawn dish soap or rubbing alcohol. No special cleaners or cleaning systems required.

o Fast Drying – gently wipe the cable dry, and it’s ready to detect the next leak.
Plus – all of our sensing cables are manufactured and assembled in the USA.
Orange fluid leak detection sensing cables are available in a variety of lengths:
• 3ft (0.91m) – SC-3
• 10ft (3.05m) – SC-10
• 17ft (5.18m) – SC-17
• 25ft (7.62m) – SC-25
• 50ft (15.24m) – SC-50
• 100ft (30.48m) – SC-100
• Custom Lengths (available upon request) – SC-CL
With over 20 million feet of leak detection sensing cable installed in systems around the globe, you can’t beat the durability or reliability of our leak detection sensing cables.


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